Our aim is to keep on developing Army rugby as the premier Army sport

Welcome to the Army Rugby Union’s web site aimed at spreading the story of Army rugby’s success, we have just won the Inter-Service Championships for a record fifth successive time, and promoting greater participation at all levels.

The site is reorganised to reflect our playing structure:

Elite Rugby – to develop players for the future, through the Senior XV, Seven’s, Development and Academy sides.
Community Rugby – consisting of Corps and Unit club sides and the prestigious competitions that are the bedrock of Army rugby.
Women’s Rugby – gaining in strength and profile every year with an active and ambitious fixtures list.
Veterans – there is life in the old dogs yet!
The latest rules for the new Premiership Cup, Community Cup and Corps Merit Table can be found on the Competition pages.

Many army rugby players go on to work in the fitness training industry after leaving the forces. We can help them arrange to take advantage of the government’s resettlement funding scheme which allows ex-forces personnel to receive help with the cost of vocational training courses. We are partnered with personal training courses provider Discovery UK who participate in this scheme and accept government funding for training ex-forces men and women.

You are encouraged to submit articles to keep the site live and up to date.

All match reports and features can be found on the Match Report page

In preparation for our forthcoming Centenary celebrations the history pages have been further developed.

We could not do any of this without the help of our sponsors/backers to whom we are grateful.

Latest News

Last updated: Saturday 24 June, 2015

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Women XV Team


Women’s rugby is thriving in the Army with the Army team holding the Inter-Services’ Championship (See Team photograph below). In July 2015 the Women’s Team toured Canada. General information about women’s rugby can be found in the Women’s Section of the RFU web site

Womens Team - Inter Service winners 2005 (©2005 copyright athertoncharvat@aol.com) - click to enlarge
Photograph © Rachel (athertoncharvat@aol.com) 2005